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The Overflow How many jobs can be done at home?Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The average person these days is savvy enough to spot an email scam, which is why scammers have turned to text messages.

The tactics of a text message scam are virtually identical to those used in a standard email phishing scam. It normally starts with an email that seems legitimate.

text message css

The scammer sends a text message with a link to potential victims. Normally, the message invites you to verify your account details, make a payment, or claim a prize. Seems legit! The scammer has to be mindful of branding and tone and make sure the email is error-free.

Because SMS is such a basic form of communication, fraudulent messages are a lot harder to spot. Text messages are short, which leaves little room for obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.

Also, URL shorteners are common in text messages due to the character limit. Sending text messages en masse from a web interface is cheap and easy to do. While there is evidence of mobile carriers using spam filtering techniques similar to those of email providers, many smishing attempts slip through the net.

There are plenty of other scams circulated via SMS, as well. Social engineering, in which a scammer messages you directly and attempts to gain your trust is also a problem. This type of scammer often uses phone calls and emails in addition to SMS messages to appear more legitimate.

Here are six things to keep in mind the next time you receive an unsolicited text message that invites you to click a link. Scammers will try anything to get you to click on their link. But did you enter any sort of competition? You might be notified that you have a parcel to pick up, but are you expecting anything? Some of these scams are designed to spread malware, and, sometimes, all that requires a tap or click on a link.

To be safe, avoid tapping links in unsolicited text messages. If you do happen to tap a link, you might be redirected often multiple times to a different website. Suppose you accidentally tap a link without giving it much thought, and you see a very official-looking website.

A glance at the address bar should confirm any suspicions. Take a look at the example below from the Australia Post scam. However, some scammers go to great lengths to make their URLs look convincing, too. A large percentage of smishing attempts originate in countries where English is not the official or first language.Every website is made up of structural which are dictated by HTMLfunctional, and stylistic elements.

These styles are kept separate from the HTML structure to allow for ease of updating and adherence to web standards. With the size and complexity of many websites today, stylesheets can become quite lengthy and cumbersome. Those media queries alone can add a significant number of new styles to a CSS document, making it even harder to work with.

This is where CSS comments can become an invaluable help to website designers and developers. Adding comments to a website's CSS files is a great way to organize sections of that code for a human reader who is reviewing the document.

It also ensures consistency when one web professional picks up where another leaves off, or when teams of people work on a site. Well-formatted comments can communicate important aspects of the stylesheet to members of a team who may not be familiar with the code already.

These comments are also very helpful for people who have worked on the site before but haven't recently; web designers typically work on many sites, and remembering design strategies from one to the next is difficult. CSS comments are not displayed when the page renders in web browsers.

Those comments are informational only, just as HTML comments are although the syntax is different. These CSS comments do not affect the visual display of a site in any way. Adding a CSS comment is quite easy. You simply bookend your comment with the correct opening and closing comment tags:. Anything that appears between these two tags is the content of the comment, visible only in the code and not rendered by the browser.

Many designers organize stylesheets in small, easily digestible chunks that are easy to scan when reading. Typically, you'll see comments preceded and followed by series of hyphens that create large, obvious breaks in the page that are easy to see. Here is an example:. Because the comment tags tell the browser to ignore everything between them, you can use them to temporarily disable certain parts of CSS code. This can be handy when debugging, or when adjusting webpage formatting.

In fact, designers often use them to "comment out" or "turn off" areas of code to see what happens if that section is not a part of the page. To do this, simply add the opening comment tag before the code you'd like to comment out disable ; place the closing tag where you want the disabled portion to end. Nothing between those tags will affect the visual display of a site, allowing you to debug the CSS to see where a problem is happening.

You can then go in and fix just that issue and remove the comments from the code. It would take many lines of comments to have a significant negative impact. Like so many aspects of web design, it all comes down to balance. Tweet Share Email. A CSS comment can take up any number of lines. Here are two examples:. These comments indicate the start of a new section of coding.

As a recap, here are some tips to remember for using comments in your CSS:.Learn Development at Frontend Masters. Frontend Masters is the best place to get it. Hi Chris, nice one. But even just including it as Chris has demonstrated here would work, yes.

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Permalink to comment February 4, Permalink to comment February 6, Permalink to comment December 13, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.While the risks of smishing scams are potentially devastating, the defense is simple. Other smishing scam text messages may include a link to a website you need to visit in order to resolve some non-existent problem.

The scams may also ask for donations to virus victims or offer advice on unproven cures and prevention methods. The FTC warned of texts, robocalls, or other communications claiming to be from the U. Treasury Department and offering COVID related grants or stimulus payments in exchange for personal financial information, or an advance fee, or charge, including the purchase of gift cards.

In reality, stated the FTC, no action of any kind is required to get the stimulus checks. If you otherwise have not filed taxes recently, you may need to submit a simple tax return to get your check. Share Flipboard Email. Issues The U.

Welcome Screen CSS3 Text Animation - HTML CSS JQUERY

Legal System U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. Robert Longley. History and Government Expert. Robert Longley is a U. Facebook Facebook. Updated April 03, Here is an example of one of the scam texts:. Responding to the text message can allow malware to be installed that will silently collect personal information from your phone. Imagine what an identity thief could do with the information from an online banking or credit card management app. You might end up with unwanted charges on your cell phone bill.

Depending on your service plan, you may be charged for sending and receiving text messages, even scams. In some cases, unsolicited text messages are allowed.In the past these messages were done using JavaScript alerts that were just annoying.

text message css

Start Downloading Now! Colorful Messages. One of my favorite examples in this list is this pen full of colorful alert dialogs. These windows slide down into view on top of the page and come with an array of color choices.

Send a Text Message

These can be used for errors, warnings, success messages, or just basic informational content. The free Alertify. And this pen by Alex Pivtorak takes Alertify to a new level of polish that you can use with any page. Have a look at these timed notifications for a much simpler way to handle your alert boxes.

They just drop into the page from above with a darkened opacity and take over the screen. You can design something very similar on your own without too much effort. But why reinvent the wheel? Naturally, it runs without any JavaScript, and the default design should match any layout. Nobody should build any modern website without using responsive techniques. It uses a simple tooltip dialog to create the infobox effect. This, in turn, leads to a basic script that you can setup with only 35 lines of JavaScript.

Simply titled formrun.

text message css

The best part is that you can apply this to pretty much any form like checkout pages or user settings pages. This is unique because the trigger element is an input button, which means you could tie this function into a form much like the previous snippet. With a basic onclick method we can trigger this alert window running primarily on JavaScript.

There is no close button, only an OK button to hide the window.

How to Insert a CSS Comment

This leaves a lot of room for improvements in the UX if you want to expand the modal for your site. It mimics the iOS-style interface design but features a truly unique animation style. Not to mention the code itself runs without any extra CSS and it requires just 15 lines of JavaScript.As far as we checked no theme by default offers customizable text boxes and you need to make your own to suit your needs.

Below is an example code to convert a paragraph to a box with background.

text formatting

You can just add paste the code anywhere on the body of your page and it will look like below on the published site:. This is the easiest way to add text boxes to your site. Info messages are useful to show different styles of messages to your audience like warning, alert, announcement, danger, etc. We use font awesome icons to add icons in front of the text and the CSS for the info message box is given below:.

You can add different types of messages by adding the required icon and below is some of the examples for info message boxes:. Learn more on creating notification message boxes. Block quotes on your site can be decorated with text boxes so that it looks attractive and beautiful on the site. Below is one example of customizing block quotes with CSS:.

Learn more on creating custom bootstrap style block quotes for your site. Text boxes can be used to show menus or a listed content to save lot of space on your site. Here we show two such boxes as basic, actually you can do much more. Conclusion: There are numerous possibilities of creating text boxes with simple CSS.

Above are only few examples and you can customize the background, borders, colors and text as you need.

text message css

You can play with these basic examples and build more custom text boxes for your need. On desktop computers, you can use the developer console on[ WebNots Admin, thanks for you reply.

Now the icons are showing but I have a problem with Block Quotes. Please help. Use inspect element option in the browser to check what happens on your site. Very helpful tutorial. Please tell me how to make those icons,? You need to link the font awesome CSS as given in the code for the icons to show. Most WordPress themes include font awesome as a package, if not you can use the CDN link from the official website. This is the info box - You can input as much or as little information!

This is the help box - You can input as much or as little information! This is the tip box - You can input as much or as little information! This is the notice box - You can input as much or as little information! This is the success box - You can input as much or as little information! This is the danger box - You can input as much or as little information! This is the warning box - You can input as much or as little information!

You can customize more as you need This is block quote element customized with CSS text box properties.


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